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Shadows follows the story of Lyndsy Elle Cooper (Katia Mendoza), a once internationally successful singer, who is attempting a comeback by touring with 13 year old pop star Jessa King (Alexandra Rooney). Lyndsy's world is turned upside down upon learning that her girlfriend Kensley (Annie-Grace Payne) is diagnosed with an illness. The play explores the coincidence of trauma in our lives and the power of love outlasting sorrow.

Playwright / Director: Anthony M. Laura

Producers: Anthony M. Laura, Katia Mendoza, Kristen Seavey and Templar Grace Wright

Principal Cast: Katia Mendoza, Annie-Grace Payne, Annette Berning, Mari Blake, Susan Neuffer and Alexandra Rooney

Understudies: Rheanna Salazar, Courtnie Keaton, Colleen Wright, Chelsea Renae, Carole Real and Chloe Joyce.

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1st - 16th December, 2023

A.R.T. / New York Theatres

Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre 

502 W. 53rd St, New York, NY, 10019




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